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Pope Francis is reaching out to us in this particular year, the Year of Mercy, in a very special way as the Lord reached out to people and brought them his forgiveness, love, mercy, peace, healing and encouragement.


We celebrate in our parish the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confessions) on Saturday mornings from 11am-12noon. A leaflet on Examination of Conscience will be available in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel in preparation for Confession. If you wish to receive the Sacrament outside of this time please call the Presbytery number (01206 576898).


If you have been away from the Sacraments for some time, now is a great opportunity to return to the practice of the Faith by celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation and of course by joining us for our Sunday Mass.


Fr Tom Lavin

(Parish Priest)


If you would like to contact Fr Tom directly please email or call (01206) 576898

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Reflections taken, with permission, from Intercom Magazine


Sunday, 25th September 2016


Luke 16:19-32

1. The first of the faults attributed to the rich man is his insensitivity to the abject poverty of those around him. When have you discovered that it is when you are aware of the needs of those around you and seek to make some response that you bring out the best in yourself?

2. The second fault attributed to the rich man is the way he ignored the word of God coming through Moses and the prophets. How have the gospels, the scriptures or your faith opened you up to a deeper and more satisfying perspective on life?

3. Some people look to the spectacular for a sign of God’s presence and action. For Jesus, the lessons we need are not to be sought in the spectactular, but in the ordinary things of everyday life. Where have you found sacraments of God’s presence in the world around you?

John Byrne osa




The Wall

The image of a formidable wall struck me as I prayed with this scripture. A wall made of an obsession with greed, selfishness, wealth, power, prestige. This wall, built by the rich man, over time, created such blindness that he became trapped in the illusion of temporary wealth, unable to hear God’s call. This self-made wall follows him to his death where in the afterlife he experiences a reversal in his fortunes and is now suffering. He now cannot break it down.

Are there times when I am so in my own bubble that I fail to see those in need? Do I avoid making eye contact with a homeless person as I rush by for example?

We are called to open our eyes and hearts and be the change.

Siobhain Tighe (Parish Pastoral Worker of the Archdiocese of Dublin with responsibility for Youth Evangelisation)

The Deep End • ‘The Rich Man and Lazarus’

Last Sunday’s Gospel reminded us of what economics according to God looks like – it spoke of a redistribution of wealth by a manager who realised that material wealth is only temporary; what we do with that wealth and how we distribute it is more important. Today’s parable is on a similar theme. The rich man is sorry, but it is too late for him. He had not come to his senses as the manager last week had done. The rich man is unwilling to change; even in the afterlife he wants Lazarus sent, ordered, to go to his brothers to warn them. It is not proof or special signs that they need. Their vision has been blinded by wealth. They need to ‘see’ the poor who are at their gates.

God’s economics means striving for a world where the poor man Lazarus can sit down at the same table as the rich man. It is not simply enough to comfort the poor and say to them that they will be rewarded in heaven. This misses the point. Luke is pointing us to a great reversal that is so central to this Gospel, a call to turn the world as we know it upside down.

‘It is not God’s will for some to have everything and others to have nothing’.

Oscar Romero.

Jane Mellett



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