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Reflections taken, with permission, from Intercom Magazine


Sunday, 15th January 2017


John 1:29-34

1. John is one who directs people to Jesus as the one who had a life-giving message for them. Who have been the people in your life whose example or advice pointed you in the direction of a fuller life? Who has helped you to appreciate the importane of Jesus and his message?

2. In the narrative, John recognised that Jesus had more to offer people than he himself. He had the humility not to need to be the star of the show. Whom have you known with that grounded sense of their own place?

3. John proclaims Jesus as one who takes away the sin of the world. Who have been the people who, for you, continued this mission of Jesus and led you from sin and guilt to forgiveness and freedom? For whom have you done this?

4. It was not just on the cross that Jesus gave his life as the Lamb of God. His public ministry was a constant struggle against injustice and oppression. When have you shared in this mission of Jesus? Who have been models of this for you?


John Byrne osa


MUSINGS: Lamb of God

Say a prayer today for the Church in Syria which is being decimated by five years of war. It was the Syrian Church in the seventh century that gave us the prayer Lamb of God which we recite three times at Sunday Mass. A timely prayer for mercy and peace to prevail in face of the pervasive warring ‘sin of the world’.

Not the Lamb, ‘meek and mild’ of Blake’s poem of Innocence, in Mass today, but the ‘Lamb who was slain’, mentioned thirty times in the Apocalypse, and identified by Philip in Acts 8 as the Suffering Servant for the benefit of the open minded and enquiring Ethiopian.

John the Baptist was the first to say Jesus is the Lamb of God, the first to say in a universalist way that Christ would take away not only Israel’s sin but the sin of the whole world. His weapons are mercy and peace. Spread them widely.


Fr David O’Riordan
Ladysbridge and Ballymacoda
Diocese of Cloyne


Credible witness

It’s hard to know what, or who, to believe any more. During the recent US presidential race, ‘fact checking’ became something of a buzzword. After each of the major debates, newspapers and news sites churned out articles investigating the validity of the candidates’ claims. Research was rapidly carried out, sources were checked, statements from the past were dragged up to prove or disprove many a point. With the internet making it possible to ‘fact-check’ in mere minutes, it is so easy to be caught out. Those in public life have to be more careful than ever that they are speaking the truth, that they are not contradicting what they have said previously, and that they can back up their statements with authoritative evidence.

John the Baptist may not have been subject to such rigorous ‘fact checking’, but he was at pains to explain the source of his authority: ‘I saw the Spirit coming down on him from heaven … I have seen and I am the witness’. John knew that people might not immediately take him seriously, so twice he emphasised that he did not know Jesus himself. He was not out to trick or mislead people. We can believe what this first witness says about who Jesus is, because his words come directly from God.


Triona Doherty
Athlone, Co Roscommon



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